Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge - Ein guter Flecken Erde
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Viewing tower „Glückauf“
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Viewing tower „Glückauf“

This viewing tower bears witness to the hundred years of coal mining that characterized the town decisively and sustainably. The large-scale dumping of the coal-pit “Deutschland” on a ridgetop was very unusual and has, for many decades, attracted scientists of Dresden University of Technology (Department of Forestry in Tharant), who have greened the dump thus gaining valuable findings for other past and present coal mining regions around Zwickau and even abroad. The pile as a hilltop strikingly stands out against the surrounding landscape which is mainly shaped by mountain ridges. This was even considered in the regional development plan for the Chemnitz/Ore Mountains region.
This site links industrial tourism to the distintiveness and uniqueness of this pile and further impacts of coal mining.

Architect: Bernd Sikora, Leipzig

Aussichtsturm Glückauf
Technical data
Location:Construction on the highest point of the pile plateau:486,81 m above sea level (HP1)
 Altitude of the tower top:522,00 m above sea level
Fundament:Three single block foundations, joined by tension members 
Steel construction:Altitude of tower:36 m
 Weight:55 t
 Number of viewing platforms:5
 Number of stair platforms:4
 Highest platform:25 m above GS
 Lowest platform:3 m above GS (GS = Ground surface)

Instructions for users:

Public disclosure of use instructions for the viewing tower “Glückauf”
„The viewing tower is to be used at own risk. Parents will be held responsible for damage caused by their children.

The use is prohibited
1. in case of unfavourable weather conditions, snow and ice, strong wind, storm and thunderstorms
2. in darkness or dawn, i.e., one hour before sunset until one hour after sunrise
3. with animals
4. with inappropriate or without shoes
5. for children under 10 years if not attended by adults
6. under influence of alcohol

Furthermore it is prohibited to damage the viewing site. Incidents have to be reported to the Stadtverwaltung (town administration) Oelsnitz/Erzgeb., Rathausplatz 1 in 09376 Oelsnitz/Erzgeb.

Thank you for visiting the viewing tower and complying with the above mentioned use instructions.

Municipality of Oelsnitz/Erzgeb.“

Please comply with these regulations for your own security. Please also instruct your children.



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